Christopher Gair Biography

Christopher Gair is Head of English Literature and Associate Director of the Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He is the author of Complicity and Resistance in Jack London’s Novels (Edwin Mellen, 1997), The American Counterculture (Edinburgh U P, 2007), and The Beat Generation (Oneworld, 2008) and is the editor of Beyond Boundaries: C. L. R. James and Postnational Studies (Pluto, 2006). He edited editions of Stephen Crane’s Maggie: a Girl of the Streets (Trent Publications, 2000) and Jack London’s South Sea Tales (Random House, 2002). He has published essays in journals including Modern Fiction Studies, Journal of American Studies, Western American Literature, Studies in the Novel, and Studies in American Literature and is founding editor of Symbiosis: a Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations.