Daniel Hack Biography

Daniel Hack is Associate Professor of English at the University of Michigan. Author of The Material Interests of the Victorian Novel (2005), he is currently writing a book on the uses of Victorian literature in nineteenth and early-twentieth century African American literature and print culture. Work related to this project has appeared or is forthcoming in the journals Critical Inquiry, Novel: A Forum on Fiction, and Victorian Studies, and in several books: The Blackwell Companion to George Eliot, Early African American Print Culture in Theory and Practice, and The Oxford Handbook of the Victorian Novel. Hack has taught transatlantic courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including a graduate seminar on “Race and Transatlantic Print Culture” and an undergraduate course on “Prejudice and the Nineteenth-Century Novel.” His essay on teaching Dickens in a transatlantic context appeared in Approaches to Teaching Dickens’s Bleak House. (MLA, 2009).