Academic Programs

Transatlantic Masters Program; U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

At the Center for European Studies graduate students are pursuing international careers in administration, diplomacy, business, policy-making, consulting, teaching, and research

The University of Edinburgh’s Masters of Science in Literature and Transatlanticism

Students at the University of Edinburgh take courses ranging from “Theory and Practice in Transatlantic comparisons,” “Black Atlantic,” and “Hispanic Transatlantic and French-Speaking Caribbean Literatures and Cultures.”

Texas A&M University’s MA and Ph.D. in Transatlantic and Nineteenth-Century Studies

MA and Doctoral students at Texas A&M take courses ranging from scholars in traditional fields like Romantics, Victorian, American Renaissance, and Modernism, to newer and more interdisciplinary fields such as Gender and Sexuality Studies, Digital Humanities, and Childhood Studies

University of Michigan Ph.D. in History with an emphasis on African Diaspora/Atlantic Studies

Students in this program explore the role of African and African-descended peoples in shaping global (and particularly Atlantic) histories. Central to such a project is the study of slavery and colonization and their variegated legacies on both sides of the Atlantic. Members of our group are also concerned with the relationship between race and nation in the Americas, as well as broader questions of the constitution, mediation, and interaction of black subjectivities across the globe. We focus on historical processes, such as labor migrations, anticolonial movements, and circuits of intellectual and cultural production that highlight the connections among local, national, and transnational contexts. In all these pursuits, we maintain abiding interest in often closely linked questions of citizenship, rights consciousness, race, gender, sexuality, and culture.

Oregon State– Transatlantic Students Symposia: Master’s of Public Policy

The Transatlantic Students Symposia are a series of short-term academic exchanges that provide a student-based and largely student-run space for the discussion of topics of contemporary relevance in an interdisciplinary, experiential and transatlantic setting. Students of the humanities, including Political Science, Cultural and Literary Studies, History, Education, and others, are working together in order to approach political and historical topics with a strong relation to present-day cultural and public policy issues. They are furthermore provided with an outlook into professional and practical applications of their academic training. Student participants are selected on the basis of merit, service to their degree programs, and areas of academic concentration.

Austin College– Think Transatlantic Program

Universidad de Alcala– Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship

The mission of the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS) seeks to encourage and promote a transatlantic perspective by providing faculty and students with a unique multicultural environment in order to aid their personal, professional, and academic development. Furthermore, we encourage collaboration within the consortium and among the member institutions in the area of academics, research, sharing of resources, and development of new programs, at all levels of the college/university: student, faculty, and administration. To that end, the CTSS has established a Study Abroad Program in Instituto Franklin-Universidad de Alcala, Spain, which is held during the Spring Semester.





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