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Building the British Atlantic World: Spaces, Places, and Material Culture, 1600-1850

by Daniel Maudlin (Editor), Bernard L. Herman (Editor)

Spanning the North Atlantic rim from Canada to Scotland, and from the Caribbean to the coast of West Africa, the British Atlantic world is deeply interconnected across its regions. In this groundbreaking study, thirteen leading scholars explore the idea of transatlanticism–or a shared “Atlantic world” experience–through the lens of architecture, built spaces, and landscapes in the British Atlantic from the seventeenth century through the mid-nineteenth century. Examining town planning, churches, forts, merchants’ stores, state houses, and farm houses, this collection shows how the powerful visual language of architecture and design allowed the people of this era to maintain common cultural experiences across different landscapes while still forming their individuality.

By studying the interplay between physical construction and social themes that include identity, gender, taste, domesticity, politics, and race, the authors interpret material culture in a way that particularly emphasizes the people who built, occupied, and used the spaces and reflects the complex cultural exchanges between Britain and the New World.

Puritanism and Emotion in the Early Modern World

by A. Ryrie (Editor), Tom Schwanda (Editor)

The stereotype of the emotionless or gloomy Puritan is still with us, but this book’s purpose is not merely to demonstrate that it is false. The reason to look at seventeenth-century English and American Puritans’ understanding and experience of joy, happiness, assurance, and affliction is to show how important the emotions were for Puritan culture, from leading figures such as Richard Baxter and John Bunyan through to more obscure diarists and letter-writers. Rejecting the modern opposition between ‘head’ and ‘heart’, these men and women believed that a rational religion was also a deeply-felt one, and that contemplative practices and other spiritual duties could produce transporting joy which was understood as a Christian’s birthright. The emotional experiences which they expected from their faith, and the ones they actually encountered, constituted much of its power. Theologians, historians and literary scholars here combine to bring the study of Puritanism together with the new vogue for the history of the emotions.


“Literature at Sea: Maritime Literary Currents,” 3-8 December 2016, deadline 15 June 2016

“Literature at Sea: Maritime Literary Currents,” 3-8 December 2016, deadline 15 June 2016

full name / name of organization:
Ben P. Robertson / Troy University
contact email:

CFP: “Literature at Sea: Maritime Literary Currents”
Mobile, AL, USA, 3-8 December 2016

Abstracts are invited for a conference on literature and the sea, broadly defined. Proposed papers may focus on the literature of any country and any literary period, but please keep in mind that the conference language will be English. Topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Literature of or about the sea
  • Metaphorical seas
  • Mexico and the sea
  • Mythology and the sea
  • Sublimity and the sea
  • Transatlantic/transpacific confluences
  • Oceania and island culture
  • Caribbean authors and the sea
  • International trade
  • Environmental literature and the sea
  • Politics
  • Aquatic life and literature
  • Seascapes in literature
  • Recreation and the sea
  • Tourism
  • Ships and shipping
  • Navigation
  • Maps
  • War and other conflict
  • Visual art
  • Travel writing
  • Sea monsters
  • Shipwrecks and survival
  • Piracy
  • Storms
  • Atlantis
  • Utopias/dystopias

Please visit to submit a 250-word abstract and ONE-page biographical note or CV by 15 June 2016. You will need to create an EasyChair account to submit your materials (linked at the aforementioned URL). Questions about the conference may be addressed to The conference web site is available at

This conference is scheduled to take place aboard the M. S. Carnival Fantasy, which will be sailing from Mobile, Alabama, USA, 3-8 December 2016, with stops in Mexico at the ports of Progreso and Cozumel. When possible, presentation times will be arranged so as not to conflict with port visits.

Because of the logistics involved in securing the conference venue and lower prices, we will make decisions on submissions by 15 July 2016.