William Faulkner Society

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The William Faulkner Society is planning a panel for MLA 2017 in Philadelphia that will focus on Faulkner in the context of world literature. The expansive scope is designed to reveal a range of possibilities for reading Faulkner individually or in comparison to other figures. Papers topics might include but are not limited to the following:

–Faulkner’s international reception, reputation, and influence
–Translations and adaptations of Faulkner worldwide
–Constructions and expressions of literary nationalism
–Global modernism influencing and influenced by Faulkner
–Issues of empire and (de)colonization
–Reading Faulkner in North American, Latin American, transatlantic, Pacific, or Global North/South contexts
–Questions of world literature canon formation, curriculum development, and pedagogy
–Depictions of (uneven) economic development
–Approaches shaped by rethinking and redefining “world literature” (Damrosch), distant reading (Moretti), world systems theory (Wallerstein), globalization studies, or other critical theories and practices

Send a 250-word abstract and brief bio to Ted Atkinson (wfsociety@gmail.com) by March 15, 2016.