Global Emersons at ALA

Global Emersons at American Literature Association

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Society, American Literature Association
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Global Emersons
This panel examines the way that Emerson has been figured as an international (transatlantic, global) figure or been appropriated across national boundaries as relevant to local histories, politics, and culture. We are interested in Emerson as an international figure, and we welcome presentations that investigate Emerson’s travels abroad, his engagement with literatures and philosophy from across the globe, his understanding of international politics and cross-border conflicts, and his reputation–contemporary or contemporaneous–abroad. We also welcome presentations that examine Emerson in translation, and we are especially interested in presentations from international scholars whose work examines Emerson as a global figure or whose papers describe or theorize the state of Emersonian scholarship in their home countries.
E-mail 300 word abstracts to Roger Thompson ( by Dec. 20, 2015. Membership in the Emerson Society is required of presenters, but it is not required to submit proposals for consideration. The Emerson Society also provides grants that may be of interest to presenters, including a Research Grant and a Graduate Student Travel Grant. The travel grant provides $750 of travel support to present a paper on an Emerson Society panel at the American Literature Association Annual Conference (May 2016) or the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering (July 2016). Further information can be found at