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    Linda K. Hughes

    An editorial trio (Sarah Robbins, Andrew Taylor, Linda K. Hughes) is preparing to compile a teaching anthology of nineteenth-century transatlantic texts. What texts do you consider crucial? We welcome all suggestions along with the reason you consider your suggestion a crucial teaching text.

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    Susan Griffin

    Do you mean primary or secondary?
    Predictably, I would argue that a Henry James text (“Daisy Miller,” The Europeans, “An International Episode,” Portrait of a Lady–I will stop there) is essential.

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    Linda Hughes

    Thank you so much for the question, Susan! The anthology will be focus on primary texts, and we agree that Henry James has to be included!

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    Tricia Lootens

    What about British anti-slavery/American travel texts? Too obvious? If not, one personal favorite that’s easily overlooked is Frances Anne Kemble’s

      Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation,

    which was written in the 1830s and published in England in 1863. I’ve had great luck teaching the opening few letters, followed by excerpts. (James loved her Shakespeare performances, by the way–and presumably knew her history of having traveled to the US, married, and only then discovered that her new American husband was a slaveholder.)

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    Tricia Lootens
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    Linda K. Hughes

    What a great suggestion, Tricia! It’s especially helpful to hear not just what you’ve taught but how, and the success you’ve found with Kemble’s work. Which course did you teach this in?

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